Ceasefire RP Rules

These rules are in place to ensure a fun and engaging role play experience in the community while also keeping yourself and others engaged. Breaking these rules will not only ruin the experience for yourself but others around you and can lead to removal from the server and the community. These rules are in place to protect you and others so please obey them as best you can.


Please note that you will be held to the standard of these rules written despite whether you have read them or not will never exclude any punishments the staff may issue.


Community Rules


Read the Community Rules
        • No Disrespectful / Toxic Behavior, this includes racism, sexism, or any type of hate speech.
        • No overly excessive toxic behavior in character that can be deemed out of roleplay.
        • No harassing players in their Direct Messages over server concerns / issues.
        • Use of exploits or cheats is an immediate permanent ban with no option to appeal.
        • You may use profanity within reason if it’s part of your character roleplay.
        • You may use disrespectful behavior in character if it is deemed to fit the situation.

General Role Play Game Rules

Read the General Role Play Game Rules
      • No ERP (Erotic Role Play)
      •  Do not roleplay as any other species or robot except a human
      • Do not break character. If you are in a hostile RP situation and believe a rule has been breached, wait for the situation to end and then open a ticket.
      • Do not interfere with staff when they are conducting duties, When staff arrives on scene, roleplay shall pause until staff issues the go ahead to resume.
      • Do not Steal staff clothing or equipment. Not reporting discovered staff clothing or tools is subject to a perm ban.
      • Do not Metagame, this includes:
      •  Relaying information when your character is deceased 
      • Speaking to players without a functional radio on your character
      • Using other players’ OOC livestreams, broadcasts, and messages in an attempt to gain inside knowledge
      • You may use discord for communications if you have a functional radio with a battery on your character
      • You can use the “Lie down” emote if you need to go away from keyboard. You are safe from being initiated while using this emote. Remember to always AFK in a safe place, dying to zombies, the environment, or survival while AFK will not be compensated

Hostile Vehicle Initiation

Read the Hostile Vehicle Initiation Rules
    • You must have a roadblock in order to halt or initiate on players inside a vehicle whether the vehicle is moving or stationary, all roadblocks must be performed 1000m+ away from the center of all Blue trader circles.
    • Your roadblock can only be created by using your own vehicle to block a road. The roadblock must completely block the designated road and be impassable (areas next to but off the road do not need to be blocked)
    • You must have a stationary roadblock and a megaphone to initiate communications on a moving vehicle. When initiating a roadblock, the initiators must give approaching vehicles enough time to stop their vehicles.
    • If a vehicle becomes stationary on its own, you can block it in with your own vehicle and then initiate hostile RP, the vehicle should not be able to move before proceeding to do so (a megaphone is not required for this type of roadblock)
    • When roadblocking, you can not shoot at a moving vehicle unless they either fail to adhere to your commands or attempt to run the roadblock. Disabling the vehicle should always be the prefered method!
    • Vehicles being used to block a road may NOT be covered
    • You can not Pit Maneuver or ram another vehicle in any way for any reason, unless inside a red or pink KOS circle.

     You may pursue and follow other vehicles

Power Gaming

Read the Power Gaming Rules
        • If the server restarts or crashes in the middle of hostile roleplay, you must log back in and follow out the roleplay scenario.
        • Failing to log back in during a hostile engagement is combat logging. If you cannot log back in or are having trouble, please open a ticket.
        • Using a server restart or crash to gain an advantage during hostile Roleplay is powergaming.
        • Do not log out during or after a hostile situation until at least 10 minutes has passed with zero activity.
        • Do not log out when a base initiation has started unless you have no intentions of logging back in after to engage in the RP.
        • You are not required to log back in during a base raid once the raid has already begun, but the raid will continue without you.

Combat Logging

Read the Combat Logging Rules
    • Do not log out during or after a hostile situation till at least 10 minutes has passed with zero activity.
    • Do not log out when a base initiation has started unless you have no intentions of logging back in after to engage in the RP.

Reporting a Rule Breach

Read the Reporting a Rule Breach Rules
        • Only create a ticket to report a rule breach if you truly believe to the best of your knowledge that a rule has been broken.
        • Do not make a ticket asking if a player has recorded the incident unless you believe a rule has been breached. 
        • You can not request to view evidence from the other party
        • Wasting Staff time to investigate an issue that was clearly within the rules is a bannable offense.

Age Requirement

Read the Age Requirement Rules
    • Should you be under the age requirement (16) please contact a staff member by opening a ticket
    • You may be given an exception if staff deem you to have a good understanding of the rules

Killing on Sight

Read the Killing on Sight Rules
      • Do not kill a player on site (KOS) outside of the Red and Pink CIRCLES
      • You can no longer engage a player who has left and stayed outside the KOS circle longer than 1 minute
      • All players participating in initiating hostile RP must be recording. All killing on site activity outside of the red and pink circles must also be recorded.
      • You may kill a player if they raise a weapon in your direction, keep in mind if the weapon is lowered immediately, the threat has ended.
      • You may kill a player in the designated kill on Sight Zones circled on the map in red and pink
      • You may kill a player who is initiating hostile roleplay
      • You are not required to record in red or pink Kill on Sight circles

Base Building Rules

Read the Base Building Rules
      • You can not build within 1000m of a safe zone
      • You can not build inside a military zone or block access to any military buildings
      • Tents and shelters built outside a locked secure base structure are not secure locations. They can be looted at any time.
      • Do not block any roads visible on the map! You may build an overpass if it’s high enough to allow all vehicles to pass underneath.
      • Do not construct your exterior walls/gates/doors backwards (soft side out) as this will not be considered secure and will allow for these to be dismantled during offline raiding.
      • You may own 2 flag territories per group, with 10 codelocks allowed per flag
      • Your flag is your responsibility to maintain and is needed in order to build / place down kits
      • Your flag must be raised regularly to prevent the flag reaching the bottom and your base and items despawning. If fully raised, the territory flag takes approximately 4 days to reach the absolute bottom.
      • Items left on the ground and not placed in a storage container run the risk of despawning. Items left on the ground may despawn at any time. Throwing items is also a bad idea, Chernarus loves to eat items.
      • The base may not exceed heights or lows of up to 30 M from the beginning of where the base building structure begins until its highest / lowest point. Vanilla occupied structures will follow the same concept from the lowest blocked off entrance till the highest.
      • Bases must be built realistically with support beams constructed for any floors suspended above the ground. Each floor, wall, or roof must be supported in some way. (wall frames may also be used as supports) Bases constructed to elevate base building unrealistically in order to gain a sight advantage, or funnel base intruders to a defenseless position such as climbing a ladder, is not allowed and considered powergaming. 
      • Base storage is limited to 6500 slots per flag radius.

Base Raiding Rules

Read the Base Raiding Rules
    • General Base raiding rules

      • All Base Raids whether online of offline MUST be recorded
      • You may not walk, vault, or mantle over any walls or jump over any structures to gain entry to a base whether an online or offline raid.
      • You can not take over a base with an active flag. You must wait for the flag to reach the absolute bottom of the flagpole, then you can proceed to remove the flag and dismantle the flagpole with the required tools. This MUST all be recorded. Once the flagpole is fully dismantled you can then raid the base in any way necessary. Staff will not assist in helping you gain entry to a base

      Offline Raiding

      • You can not offline raid a base by placing any explosives or dismantling any base built structures for entry purposes
      • You can not dismantle any base built structures except for the means of creating an exit if trapped with no other option. However you are limited to dismantling 1 base built item total. Should this not be enough to exit you must contact staff.
      • Should a base be un-secure such as a wide enough opening like an unclosed door or a gap large enough to walk or crawl through, or a wall / gate / door built backwards (soft side out) you may proceed to offline raid, this MUST be recorded

      Online Raiding

      • Before initiating an Online Base Raid, players must open a ticket with convincing RP proof to justify a base raid. Video of previous incidents will be heavily weighted. For example: trash talk is not a valid reason to initiate a base raid. Getting robbed or roadblocked might be a valid reason depending on the situation and outcome. Staff will judge all evidence submitted with a staff poll deciding the outcome.
      • For online raiding, you must ensure the base is occupied by one or more occupants while you initiate in order to give them a chance to surrender the base.
      • You must establish communication with the occupants of the base. Should you get no response you must contact the staff.
      • Should you be the defender of the base you must respond to all raid initiation communications
      • Bases that have had an online raid declared against them must be allowed a one week grace period whether successful or not. This includes any other factions/groups that attempt to raid after the fact.
      • You can not return to an active online base raid if you have died until a staff member gives the all clear that the raid has ended.
      • You can not perform an inside job on another group to steal loot or give access to another group. You are also not allowed to initiate hostile actions while inside the base should a base raid take place.
      • Staff will not remove the car covers from a vehicle in a raided territory flag area.
      • All bases, buildings, and base built structures within a flag radius are subject to being raided should an online raid be initiated.
      • Should the base defenders surrender you must allow them to leave the premises…  all initiation and value of life rules apply.
      • Should the base residents refuse to surrender you may proceed to raid.
      • Base defenders are clear to engage attackers once the response is given to their demands.
      • Base defenders who have surrendered can return to the base at any time but will be allowed to be killed on sight without warning from the attackers if the raid is still ongoing.
      • You may conduct an inside job on a base / group. Only base layout information and where the loot is located are allowed to be used during a base raid.

Hostile Role Play Rules

Read the Hostile Role Play Rules
      • When initiating hostile RolePlay, a verbal or visual threat must be established, such as pointing a weapon or threatening a player’s life verbally.
      • Do not initiate hostile RP using a radio
      • Do not initiate hostile RP by knocking out or restraining the player
      • Do not attack the player before giving commands, this includes any type of damage.
      • Do not engage in any hostile RP while inside the BLUE safe zone circles (the entire Blue circle is considered the safe zone)
      • You may not kill a compliant player who is neither running away or a threat to yourself or others.
      • You may not kill a player for Strafing unless they refuse to stop when told to do so.
      • You can not use terms such as “hands up or die” you must give clear concise commands and inform the player exactly of your intentions before proceeding.
      • Players that have fully submitted and are complying with their captures may not be damaged or harmed in any way, this includes methods such as rubber slugs.
      • You may aim your weapon at a player but remember this makes you a target for being killed on sight by other parties
      • You may use a megaphone or a PA system to initiate, when doing so please give your target enough time to understand your commands.
      • All Person or persons taking part in initiating Hostile Roleplay Must Be Recording
      • Person or persons being initiated on do not have to record but it would be helpful
      • Should you witness hostile roleplay you can intervene for the benefit of the victim. However the players initiating hostile roleplay will have the right to kill the victim in response if the victim is considered a threat during the intervention. For example, a bound unarmed player is not a possible threat should intervention take place. A player unbound with a weapon on their back or in their inventory would be considered a threat during intervention. 
      • Kidnapping a player during hostile roleplay is allowed as long as the player is accompanied at all times and may only be held for up to an hour unless the hostage agrees to stay captive for longer.
      • Players who have been robbed must be left with vitals for survival. Minimum items must include the following –  clothing such as shoes, pants and a shirt. You must also leave them with 1 drink, 1 food item, and a weapon such as a knife to defend themselves.
      • Hostile Roleplay has ended when players either leave the area or activity has come to an end. This includes active firing or communications. Reinitiation will be required. See initiation rules for clarification on how to initiate.

Vehicle Rules

Read the Vehicle Rules
        • You may own up to two vehicles per person.
        • Should you be part of a group larger than four you can own up to five vehicles. (excess vehicles may result in deletion by staff)
        • We do not compensate for player error of ruined vehicles. Should your vehicle become damaged or ruined, you will be asked to supply video as proof for compensation. Should it damage or ruin via a bug or glitch. Video of the driver’s perspective will be the only accepted footage.
        • Player Error consists of driving at high speed, driving erratically, driving through water, and over revving the vehicles engine. (Driving at high speed will cause a desync from the server, this will lead to over revving the vehicles engine without the driver even realizing)
        • You must cover your vehicle when not in use to prevent despawning 

        (uncovered vehicles that have not been interacted with for 48 hours will despawn, compensation will not be provided for this)

        • Do not grief vehicles for any reason. Neither should you attack vehicles unless you’re in a red or pink KOS circle, or following roadblock procedures.


Read the Trader Rules
      • Do not grief players, their vehicles, or property
      • Do not steal from other players inside blue trader circles
      • Do not access or interact with vehicles you do not own without permission
      • No toxic behavior or trash talking at trader, this is considered power gaming
      • No breaking roleplay at traders or anywhere else !
      • Do not leave vehicles unattended in the Blue trader circles whether covered or not. Take vehicles at least 1000m outside the safe zone before leaving them unattended or logging off. Should you need to leave a vehicle at the trader for any reason please contact staff. (Unattended vehicles left in the Blue trader circles will be impounded or deleted by staff)
      • Hostile Roleplay is not allowed for any reason within the blue trader circles. 
      • Do not use megaphones or soundboards within the trader zones.

Server Access

Read the Server Access Rules
      • No Private Steam Accounts. Steam accounts must also be more than 62 days old
      • No recent VAC bans (365 days or less) or Alt Accounts with Global Bans.
      • No usage of a VPN.
      • No Excessive bans from other communities.
      • You May apply for your account to be whitelisted by staff for either a VPN or an exception to the private steam account block. This would require a ticket to be made in discord with an acceptable reason.

Character Name

Read the Character Name Rules
  • You must check both your character name in your launcher settings and discord name are the same. We will not assist you in tickets till that is done.

Character Roleplay

Read the Character Roleplay Rules
  • Do not roleplay as any other species or robot except a human

Zone Rules

Read the Zone Rules
        • You may kill players without any roleplay initiation inside the Red and Pink circles… The pink circles location changes every airdrop
        • You may not engage in any kind of hostile roleplay inside the blue circles

        You may not use the blue circles to avoid any hostile initiations that began outside of said blue circles.

Player Disputes

Read the Player Dispute Rules
        • Internal disputes within a group must be handled by the group in RP. Should you not come to an agreement you CAN NOT force a player out of the group without allowing them to take their personal belongings.
        • Should you be leaving a group you may not steal or take anything that does not belong to you or is not in your personal storage. Ownership of items designated or acquired for the group must be negotiated for by the parties involved. 
        • Should you have a disagreement with another player you may not directly message them with disrespectful behavior. Work towards a peaceful outcome or contact staff if no solution can be obtained.


Value of Life

Read the Value of Life Rules
            • Do not kill a player if they are compliant and not a threat to yourself or anyone else
            • Do not Kill restrained players, they are not a threat
            • Do not kill a player for speaking. While captive, players may “trash talk” their captors within reason… if their captures give them several warnings to stop, they must abide or face execution.
            • Do not Kill a player who you have already robbed and is compliant.
            • You May kill a player if they repeatedly try to break free from restraints after several warnings.
            • You May Kill a player if they repeatedly refuse to listen to your commands while restrained.
            • You May kill a player if they threaten your life such as attempting to attack you or raise a weapon in your direction.
            • Should a player disregard commands while attempting to actively flee from a hostile situation, they can be killed.
            • You may use tasers or other methods of knocking a player out if they refuse to comply when restrained or refusing multiple orders. (Preserving life is always better for roleplay)
            • Always consider the situation you are currently in and avoid choosing the suicidal option. Live to see another day.
            • Should a player lower their weapon before hostile action can be taken then they are no longer a threat and should be treated as such.