Ceasefire RP Rules

These rules are in place to ensure a fun and engaging role play experience in the community while also keeping yourself and others engaged. Breaking these rules will not only ruin the experience for yourself but others around you and can lead to removal from the server and the community. These rules are in place to protect you and others so please obey them as best you can.



  1. Community Rules
  2. General Role Play Game Rules
  3. Base Building Rules
  4. Hostile RP Rules
  5. Vehicle Rules
  6. Lifted Ceasefire/KOS Zone Rule

Community Rules

Read the Community Rules
  1. Treat your fellow community members respectfully. No verbal assaults towards players outside of the role play environment.
  2. Role Play has to be within line of the twitch ToS (Terms of Service) and RoC (Rules of Conduct). We have streamers here and breaching these rules can not only get you a ban here you may even be banned from the twitch service. Keep in mind there are streamers and we do not want to place their account at risk because your actions have got someone else in trouble.
    Players who have been known to be either toxic or exploiting other communities who also have a VAC ban on their steam accounts may be removed without warning. Admins have been given permission to remove players if they see an issue occurring that may affect the community and it’s players. This means no harassing players with general disrespect and bad behavior deemed out of role play!
  3. Please ensure your discord nickname is the same as your character name in game. This allows admins to contact you should they need to communicate with you about anything. Please note that any ticket submissions will not be processed by any staff until you have done this.
  4. Settle any disputes with players through role play. Should it not resolve do not argue out of character on the server and contact an admin if necessary.
  5. You must be at least the age of 16 or older to take part within Ceasefire RP.
  6. Reports of rule breaches must be supplied with sufficient evidence. He say/she say does not resolve the situation. Unless the reported player admits to a rule break. Admins will attempt to look through logs if necessary but for the issue to be resolved quickly it would be a good idea to save any streams or recordings you have for evidence purposes. Not recording events/incidents that require recording may result in a warning/ban. Incidents like robberies and base raiding for example. You as the initiating player are aware of the hostile actions that are about to take place and not the victim. So it is a requirement that you ensure your recording software is on and working before proceeding to do these actions.

General Role Play Game Rules

Read the General Role Play Game Rules
  1. Killing on Sight is not allowed! Killing on sight means to shoot/kill a player without any prior engagement/conversation. Please remember this is a role play community and we ask players to put in a sufficient amount of effort before resorting to killing a player. You may only gain kill rights to kill a player if they either make a threat to you by raising a weapon at you or making verbal threats. Unless you are the one engaging in hostile role play first then you must follow the procedures in the hostile role play rules section.
  2. Value of Life means to consider not only your own life but also the other people around you. Don’t needlessly kill unless you deem it suits the situation. Robbing players does not count as such unless they give you no other choice or try to resist you. Also consider your own life and treat it as the only life you have before making rash decisions in a situation you have a high chance of not surviving.
  3. Role play that is considered racist, harassment, sexual assault/rape or hate speech is not allowed even if it is in character.
  4. No power gaming whatsoever. Powergaming includes the following:
    1. Loot cycling – moving loot from its original spawn position to exploit the game to spawn new loot in its place.
    2. Deleting items/ force despawning items whether your defending against a base raid or raiding a base itself. Doing this is a spiteful action and is regarded not only as power gaming but failure to role play.
    3. Using memories or information from a previously deceased character to re enter a role play scenario you were removed from via death of your past character. Using friends to give you the same information who were present at the time is also not allowed. What this is regarded as is an exploit/powermove around the new life rule and role play and therefore is regarded as power gaming.
    4. Force gaining kill rights by not allowing ample time for the player to respond to your commands.
  5. Server restarts in the middle of a RP situation must be followed through. Do not use a required out of game mechanic to your advantage. That will be considered failure to role play and combat logging should the incident involve violence.
  6. No combat logging. This means no exiting the server/game while during an engagement to either avoid an unfavourable outcome or to gain advantage of the situation. You may only log out when interactions have ended and at least 10 minutes have passed without further interactions happening.
  7. In the role play world we base our characters and surroundings as a post-apocalyptic reality. Which means we don’t allow characters of any sort of fantasy or sci-fi background.
  8. Initiating players is the act of threatening a player’s life. This can be done by raising a weapon melee or firearm in their general direction of a player you are interacting with. Once this has happened a player who is in the way of the threat may proceed to defend themselves if necessary. You may also initiate verbally however this is limited to verbal, local chat, megaphone and PA systems. Radios can not be used as a form of initiation.
  9. Unconscious must wait till death before respawning.
  10. Use of exploits or cheats goes without saying. Should you be caught you will receive an instant ban with no right to appeal.
  11. When you die your character will not be allowed to remember any events leading up to that point. You may only remember your relationships with other characters but nothing related to any incidents that can be used to influence your characters decisions. This includes returning to previous initiations you were involved with period.
  12. New characters will not have any memory from other characters. You will start with a clean slate.
  13. RP events end for those who have died you may not introduce a new character to re-enter the same interaction. Only people who survive may remember. You may not use a previous event as a reason to kill in the future after an RP event has ended.
    Microphones are a requirement. Should your mic stop working attempt to role play the situation out and once you are out of any RP scenario and can safely secure your character attempt to fix the issue before returning to role play.
  14. Meta-Gaming is not allowed whatsoever any attempt to gain information other than in game mechanics will be treated as a breach of this rule. Meta-Gaming includes outside communication tools of the game such as discord, TeamSpeak, phones, streams and steam. Unless you learn it ICC, in game through the voice and local chat then your character does not know that information.
  15. Griefing and Trolling in trader zones will not be tolerated which includes stealing from players or using your microphone out of roleplay including playing music. Also you may not interact with a player’s vehicle in the trader unless given permission to do so.
  16. Lifted Ceasefire periods only apply to the KOS rule in military zones only. Anything else you must follow the rules that are already set in place which also includes the safety zones.
  17. Talking OOC (Out of Character) without proper reason/explanation as to why you broke character in game is a 1 day bannable offense.
  18. Any in character actions, making plans with your group, Interaction to other groups/players may be used in game commutation or outside communication. Just so as long as you have a radio and a battery on you. Please be aware Meta gaming is using any outside the game communications such as discord voice chat, out of character chat, discord tags to gain information for your advantage when there is no possible way to have learned that. Example being if your friend is killed but then tells you the position of the person who killed him despite the fact he should be dead and not communicating and obeying new life rules.If you are just hanging out in discord messing around with friends you may do so but soon as you are engaged in character or need information in character you must tune into game communications.
  19. You can not use faction/donator clothing as a tactic to infiltrate a group or persons base.
  20. Stealing any staff equipment/not returning it immediately will be regarded as exploiting and will be a bannable offense to do so.
  21. Should you decide to go AFK (Away from keyboard/computer) You must use the “lie down” emote to resemble a character who is resting/asleep. Should you not you will be responsible for your own persons safety from any possible interactions that happen during that time. You may not initiate players who are currently in the “lie down” emote action unless prior RP/interaction has happened initially before such as a raid or a hostile action beforehand.

Base Building Rules

Read the Base Building Rules
  1. You can not build within 1000 m of a safe zone and you can not build on a military base/outpost. No blocking access to any buildings except civilian and industrial areas. Your base will be removed without warning. Use an ingame map marker to ensure your base is at a reasonable distance.
  2. Bases must be built realistically with no obstructions or attempts to stack multiple building objects in an attempt to obstruct the base entrances or loot access areas. Building at a height is limited to 4 stories or 50 metres from where the ground floor of the custom base building begins to the roof. You can set markers on your current position to measure your distance when standing at the highest point of the base.
  3. Each Faction is limited to two flags each regardless whether you use it as an extension of your current base or as a separate outpost/store.
  4. Bases may only have a total of 10 locked doors/gates and any more built will be removed by the admin to keep the necessary amount of doors needed to be within the rules.
  5. Bases need a flagpole with a raised flag to prevent your walls/objects and storage from despawning too early. Bases without the flag raised, can expect items and fortifications to despawn within 48 hours of reaching the bottom. You will not be compensated for despawned bases whether you were inactive or negligent.

Base Raiding Rules

Read the Base Raiding Rules


  1. When raiding a base you must announce your presence to the base owners. Should the defenders ask who is at their base you must verbally announce yourself. Should the defenders respond you may make demands for surrender. Should they comply you may not kill the character unless there is a valid role play reason such as history between the characters that justify the killing. Otherwise you may disarm them and let them leave.
  2. Should the defending base owners refuse to surrender you may initiate violence/begin breaking into the base.
  3. Should there be no response from the base owners you must assume they are either away or asleep but you can not break entry to the base if they do not respond. Should you believe the base to have active inhabitants inside but are not responding you must inform a staff member to investigate the base. Do not proceed to raid unless the staff member gives the go ahead.
  4. Once the raid has finished you must allow a one week grace period before you can raid the same base again. This includes any unsecure base raids. Contact a staff member if you are unsure if you can return to raid again.
  5. You may only raid bases if the players who own them are also online and inside the base on the server. Cutting locks is not allowed if the players are online but not home. You must announce a raid and get a response from the occupants of the base before proceeding to cut any locks.
  6. Bases may only be taken over so long as the flag no longer exists. You also can not currently own a base and acquire a new base via a raid. Remember you are limited to two flag poles per a faction so remember to remove a flag pole before placing another.
  7. Lifted Ceasefire does not exclude these rules and must be followed through. Lifted ceasefire only applies to the killing of with no interaction but nothing more. You must still initiate a base raid per the base raiding rules.
  8. An established base is a secure area for one or more people. Accessing the area without the need to break locks to gain entry does not count as a secure location/base. Bases with visible weaknesses are allowed to be accessed. You can not vault over walls to gain entry and you may destroy any one wall/gate/door for the purpose of exiting the base perimeter should no other exit be available to you. But do not destroy multiple walls/gates or doors as that will be considered griefing. Should one wall not be enough to exit the perimeter you will need to contact a staff member to review your situation before you can continue to dismantle any more walls. You may also use open spaces such as windows and gaps as long as it is realistic that your character can get in that way. You may not vault or use any objects/vehicles to boost/raise yourself to assist in your unsecure base raid. You must be able to enter the base by means of crawling, crouching or simply walking right in.


  1. All base raiding whether secure or not must be recorded in case an offline base raid dispute is claimed.
  2. Members of a faction are allowed to betray and give information that lead to easier findings of particular items in the base but may not give access such as opening doors or giving code lock codes to other players not a part of their faction. Any acts of betrayal are limited to information only excluding any information leading to base access without the need of cutting locks. You may not steal any items yourself or raid the base on your own behalf or others while the base residents/owners are either offline or not currently at the base. You may not initiate hostile actions while inside the base. You must leave the base but can join any raids that are initiated so long as you are not in the base yourself when the base raid is initiated.


  1. You must respond to any base attackers communications verbally.
  2. You may only defend your base if the attackers attempt to attack you such as raising a weapon in your direction or they begin breaking entry to your base.
  3. Should you choose to surrender and you are released you are not allowed to return to the base till the raid is over. This only applies to the person who surrendered, not the entire group that are either members of the base or visitors.
  4. Your base will not be safe from offline raiding rules if the area is not secure. Ensure you have locked gates and an established perimeter that can only be accessed by you or your team. Should the base show weaknesses that will allow players to gain access without the need of breaking your locks will not be regarded as a secure base. This includes openings that lead inside your base that can be crawled. Walked, climbed and vaulted through realistically. Vanilla walls and any buildings with adjoining objects such as ladders or sheds etc. Are not regarded as an established perimeter.
  5. Should your base become raided within the rules of Ceasefire RP. Your structure will be your responsibility and is down to yourself and any person within your group to secure it. Your base while is under the grace period of one week from the faction/person involved from raiding it prior does not include anyone else. Should the base be not secured within 48 hours your base is subject to being taken over by any person/faction that wishes to claim the base.
  6. Tents outside of an unsecure base are regarded as such. Unsecure therefore fair game to anyone who comes across them. Building them inside a secure base will be regarded as part of the base and therefore protected under the offline base raiding and griefing rules.
  7. Inside job raids are allowed. Players can give information about your base and your activities but can not give anyone access to the base. Should they betray you and initiate a raid they must be outside the base before doing so.
  8. You as a resident of the base may shoot anyone who is attempting to vault or has vaulted into your base or has gained entry to the base without permission from the base owners/residents.

Hostile Role Play Rules

Read the Hostile Role Play Rules
  1. All hostile RP interactions must be recorded for evidence purposes by ALL aggressors. If any aggressors are unable/unwilling to record, they should refrain from banditry. No one is guilty until proven innocent. However, the aggressors are aware of what is to come, whereas the victims are not. It is incumbent upon the aggressors to be fully prepared.


2. Kidnapping role play is allowed as long as the person who is kidnapped is accompanied at all times and is engaged and role played with by the kidnappers. Leaving the person who is captive alone more than 10 minutes or frequently left unattended, must have the role play scenario followed through. Kidnappers may keep their hostages for up to an hour. After that time the role play scenario must come to a close unless the captive consents to staying as a hostage. Any sort of graphic torture has to be agreed by both parties involved via in game local chat.


3. Banditry of any form is not permitted within 1000m of a Trader. You may not enter

 1000m of Trader to escape an RP scenario that is underway.


4. Initiating a robbery on players whose vehicle is in operation/moving is only allowed by using your own vehicles to block a road and/or existing roadblocks on the map. Megaphones are required to establish communication when operating a road block. You may use your vehicle to box in a stationary vehicle if there is an occupant inside and begin a hostile initiation per the rule as described in hostile rule number 5. You may not ram/pit maneuver in an attempt to stop another vehicle.You are however allowed to pursue.


5. You may not kill people who are compliant to your commands. Unless you have a very valid reason to do so, unless your life is threatened by them or anyone else intervening,  there has to be previous RP to justify it. When initiating a hostile interaction you may not use lethal force unless the person/group you are initiating either brandishes a weapon or attempts to attack you . Should they already have a weapon in hand you must give them a command to either drop the weapon or to put it away. You may not give them a countdown but allow them to respond. Try to use a non lethal take down if you feel they are stalling but only use lethal action if they pull out a weapon or attempt to use violence.


6. You may use lethal force if the person decides to run away, aim their weapon at you or not comply with multiple orders. Straithing left and right or forwards and backwards is not considered fleeing.You may give a warning if the captive is aggressive that they will be killed and you may proceed to do so if they do not conform to your demands.


7. Once you have finished your initiation with the compliant individual/group you must leave them alive with clothing, food/water and a means of escape. During the initiation all captives should consider the value of life rule and roleplay accordingly to their new circumstances. You must attempt to stay alive and live to see another day. Talking out of character or not valuing your life in that current circumstance will be considered failure to roleplay.


8. Any base raiding whether secure or not must be recorded.


9. You may intervene during a hostile interaction without initiation if you are not directly involved, such as an ongoing robbery/hold up or base raid if you witness it at the time. You may NOT ‘intervene’ after the fact. However you must still record any hostile actions you choose to take. Keep in mind you can only intervene for the benefit of the victim. You may not use this as an excuse to kill the person in need.

Vehicle Rules

Read the Vehicle Rules
  1. Do not use the trader zones as a parking garage. You may park there as you go to loot and sell items. However logging off and leaving the vehicle at the trader zone will result in your vehicle being deleted with no compensation for a new one will be provided.
  2. We do not compensate for player error should you damage your vehicle beyond repair or crash it into a body of water you will lose the vehicle. Please do not blame lag or the server as you are responsible for your own property in the game.
  3. You can only own up to 2 vehicles per a person or if in a group larger than 4 you may only own 5 vehicles within that group. Hard cap on vehicles owned within a faction is 5. Should you own more than 5 vehicles at once you will need to sell one immediately or give it to someone else not in your faction. factions/persons over this limit can be subject to random vehicles being deleted at any time to reduce the count to the appropriate limit.
  4. Griefing vehicles not in use that are either parked or unattended is a 3 day bannable offense.
  5. Vehicles will only be compensated if you have video evidence showing a non player error incident that led to the vehicle being destroyed such as desync or freezing. Driving excessively/too fast for conditions while the server population is over 30 may result in refusal for compensation due to negligent driving. Vehicles in DayZ are very unstable. Drive with care.

Lifted Ceasefire and Kill on Sight Zone Rules

Read the Lifted Ceasefire & KOS Zone Rules
    Lifted ceasefire is an exclusive and unique system on our server. More of the story about this is included in our #📕lore in discord

How does it work?

  1. Speakers around the map will make announcements when a ceasefire has been lifted with a following warning siren. When the ceasefire is lifted rule #1 in the general role play game rules will cease to be in effect around the lifted ceasefire zone area of the map circled in red.
  2. Every other rule still applies including rule #1 in General Role Play Rules (No KOS) outside of these zones.
  3. This is in effect till when the ceasefire has been reinstated which is indicated with a second siren warning. Multiple warnings in-between (every 5 minutes) will inform you that the ceasefire is currently lifted and will last till the next siren is activated.
  4. You do not need to record any KOS (Kill on Sight) incidents in the zones during the lifted ceasefire.
  5. Airdrop flares used by players to call in Airdrops must be used no closer than 2000m from any trader. This is to prevent any overlapping boundaries. Calling in an Airdrop within 2000m of any trader will render the flare useless and will not be replaced. Use your map markers to verify the distance.

What does the siren sound like? Click this link for a sample Lifted Ceasefire Siren