Donator Information

Help with the up-keep of CeasefireRP and get Rewards

What’s the Process?


    1. Join our discord and make a ticket to speak with staff about your donation.


    1. Once we confirm the donation based on the amount you donated we will proceed to the next step.


    1. Should you have donated $10 you can request for priority que. Should you have donated $35 you can choose to either have priority que extended ($10 per month) or a custom retextured piece of clothing. However you can not choose both unless you donate $45 ($35 for the retextured item and $10 for the priority que).


    1. Should you choose priority que your steam account will be added to our priority que for the period of time based on your donation amount.


  1. Should you have donated for a custom rextextured item we will discuss in the ticket of your idea for the retextured item. We will ask for details such as type of clothing or billboard with colour/wording and image/logo you would like on the item. Finally we will ask you to name the item.

Donator Rewards​​

As a thank you in return we try to make your RP experience a little more customised with some querky rewards. They won’t provide an unfair advantage in-game so it’s fair for other players too.

1X Custom Clothing Retexture $35 –  Get a custom rextured item of your choice added to the server for everyone to enjoy.

The custom retextured item will be available to all players in the world and the Krasnoe Military Trader.​​

Priority Que $10 per a month​ – Get into the server quicker by skipping the joining server Que after a restart.

Click here to see a list of items that we can retexture for you. (We can not do modded items that do not belong to us unless we have exclusive permission from that particular mod author. We also can not accept donations for priority que or retextured items for the Namalsk Terrain. All donations are specifically for the Chernarus Terrain only!)