About Ceasefire RP

Learn about how our DayZ community started & is still growing to this day.

Why Ceasefire RP was Founded

Ceasefire RP is a Role play community that prides it’s self on authentic and immersive roleplay. Ceasefire is a community with amazing characters and stories for you to get involved with and a lore to match. Come be apart of the next growing RP community on the DayZ scene.

What makes us different

What makes us different? Our server focuses on heavy story driven role play while also keeping that old dayz feeling alive that you remember and love. We achieve this by bringing elements from the arma 2 DayZ mods such as epoch and overwatch.


How do we do this?

We have a dedicated and friendly staff team that not only up hold the rules to a professional standard we also provide advice, tips and tricks to make sure not only yourself but others around you get the most out of their role play.

While also being heavily role play focused we also bring the nostalgia back from the dayz mod with our content and lifted ceasefire system. Our lifted ceasefire system opens up PvP event spots randomly around the map during the lifted ceasefire.

This offers new challenges and rewards that are a great diversion that can mix up role play and PvP together without moving away the focus of our goals to be a strong role play focused community. In addition to this we also have custom content such as vehicles, weapons and more that you will not find anywhere else.

Ceasefire RP Community

Mods we use

Here are the list of mods used on the Ceasefire DayZ Role play Server:


Step 1: Click the link and find the “Subscribe to all” button.

Step 2: Check the bottom of your steam application for any ongoing or completed downloads.

Step 3: Once your downloads are complete you can either attempt to connect to the server via DZSA launcher or alternatively continue onto the next step if step 3 doesn’t work for you. (Make Sure you close and reopen DZSA launcher after you completed your downloads).

Step 4: Launch DayZ via steam.

Step 5: On the DayZ SA Launcher click the “mods” button.

Step 6: download the html file in this channel.

Step 7: Once you are done click “more” located in the picture below.

Step 8: Then click “Import list of mods from file” and locate the html you downloaded and load it.

Step 9: Launch DayZ and at the DayZ Menu search for ‘ceasefire’ in your server browser. Make sure you are searching under the ‘community’ tab and not ‘official’.

Then once you find the server simply connect and your ready to go thank you!

Trader Locations

We have dedicated in-game traders for the selling & buying of items, you will be able to safey visit these.

Novy MarketĀ 

Krasnoye Military Camp